Some of our work gets covered by the popular media - in press, radio, television and internet news sites. Some excerpts are listed below. These sources change rapidly, so a cached version is also included where possible.  







"Inverse Gillespie for inferring stochastic reaction mechanisms from intermittent samples" Press generated from the research paper published in PNAS (2013):


"The evolutionary origins of modularity" Press generated from the research paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society (2013):



Positive Pressure Jamming Gripper (IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2012):






Universal Jamming Gripper (PNAS 107, 2010):




Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data (Science 324, 2009):





  • Wall Street Journal: Fab@Home, November 30, 2007 [14MB .mp4]
  • AT&T Tech Channel: Fab@Home Video
  • ORF Austrian Radio (German Language): Radio interview of Hod Lipson and Evan Malone about Fab@Home, by Wolfgang Ritschl [mp3]
  • New Scientist: Video interview of Evan Malone about Fab@Home by Tom Simonite [pdf]
  • Mechanical Engineering: Going Mainstream, by Alan S. Brown [pdf]
  • Popular Science: The Desktop Factory, by Corey Binns [pdf]
  • The New York Times: Beaming Up 3-D Objects on a Budget, by Peter Wayner [pdf]
  • The Guardian: The 'fab' machine that could spark an industrial revolution, by Michael Pollitt [pdf]
  • The Cornell Daily Sun: Engineers Spread New Printing Technology, by Ryan Anderson [pdf]
  • Science Daily: Open-source Replicator? Home-built 3-D Printer Could Launch A Revolution, Engineers Say [pdf]
  • Cornell Chronicle: Low-cost, home-built 3-D printer could launch a revolution, say Cornell engineers, by Bill Steele [pdf]
  • Newsweek (print): Factory in a Kit, by Patrick Falby [pdf]
  • Newsweek (online): Computers: Factory in a Kit, by Patrick Falby [pdf]
  • Newsweek (Russian): January 22, 2007 [pdf]
  • Fab@Home 'Fabber' Freeform Fabricator [pdf]
  • Wired: Spime Watch: Fab@Home, by Bruce Sterling [pdf]
  • New Scientist: Desktop fabricator may kick-start home revolution, by Tom Simonite [pdf]
  • Slashdot: A 3D Printer On Every Desktop?







  • Microsoft Research: Nine-legged Robots, by Suzanne Ross [cached]