Hod LipsonMechanical Engineering, Computing and Information Science 


Navneet BhallaMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringSelf-Assembly
Ishanu Chattopadhyay (AI Blog) Mechanical Engg, Computer ScienceMachine Learning, Stochastic Dynamics, Biosystems
Shuguang Li Mechanical EngineeringReconfigurable Robotics

Ph.D. students

Daniel CellucciMechanical EngineeringRibosomal Robotics
Nick CheneyComputational BiologyCognitive Robotics
Igor LabutovElectrical & Computer EngineeringMachine Learning methods in text understanding and generation
Jeffrey LiptonMechanical EngineeringFab@Home
Robert MacCurdyMechanical EngineeringCellular Machines
Ethan RitzComputational BiologyMulti-Material Modeling
Jason YosinskiComputer ScienceDeep learning for robotic systems

M.Eng. and M.S. students (research)

Visiting scientists

Eliad Aerospace-Physics1) Micro Electro -Adhesion assembly & 2) Green energy
Petar CurkovicMechanical EngineeringBioinspired Computing, Design Automation

Visiting graduate students (research)

Undergraduate students (research)

Sarah AngleMechanical Engineering3D Printed Actuation
Anthony McNicollMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringBit Box Assembler Project
Will SchultzMathematics in Arts & Science3D Printing File Formats
Alexander VolkovCS/ECEUntethered Locomotion Based on Jamming Actuation
Nathan SpalloneComputer ScienceComputational Methods for 3D Printing Real Cardiac Features
Jenna WitzlebenMechanical Engineering3D Printing a Ballet Shoe
Colin ZhengMechanical EngineeringTensile Strength of Mixed Materials


Craig RyanLab Manager & Press Relations 

Alumni (published)

Jonathan Platkiewicz (2014)Postdoc, Computational BiologyComputational Neuroscience, Haptics, Robotics
Jonas Neubert (2013)Mechanical EngineeringModular Robotics
Arne Rost (2013) Postdoc, Mechanical EngineeringSoft and Modular Robotics
Sebastian Risi (2013)Postdoc,Computer Science Ribosomal Robots
John Amend (2013)Mechanical EngineeringProgrammable Matter, Granular Jamming
Gordon Klauss (2013)Visiting Ph. D., Evolutionary RoticsUniversity of Oslo
Ben Finio (2013)Postdoc, Mechanical EngineeringK-12 Engineering Education
Jeff Clune (2012)Postdoc, Computer ScienceEvolving artificial intelligence, modularity, and 3D shapes
Jeremy Blum (2012)B.S. Electrical and Computer EngineeringMachine Metabolism, Stochastic Modular Assembly, Evolutionary Robotics, and 3D Printing
Paul GrouchyVisiting Ph.D. student, Mechanical EngineeringArtificial Life/Evolution of Language
Hirotaka Moriguchi (2011) 
Charlie Richter (2011)M.S. Mechanical EngineeringMAV ornithopters and flapping flight dynamics
Jonathan Hiller (2011)Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringRapid Assembly, Design Automation
Michael Tolley (2011)Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringProgrammable Matter
Michael Schmidt (2010)Ph.D. Computational BiologyCo-evolution and Symbolic Regression
J. Aaron Lenfestey (2010)M.S. Computer ScienceIntelligent Control Systems
Daniel Cohen (2010)Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
3D Printing / Tissue Engineering
Juan Cristobal Zagal (2010)
Postdoc Electrical EngineeringSelf-Modeling
Eric Schweikardt (2009)Potsdoc Computational DesignReconfigurable Robotics
Stephane Constantin (2009)Electrical EngineeringReconfigurable Robotics and Electronics
Floris van Breugel (2009)Biological and Environmental EngineeringEvolutionary Ornithopters
Maxim Lobovsky (2009)Applied and Engineering PhysicsDigital Manufacturing
Warren Parad (2009)Electrical and Computer EngineeringFab@Home
Brian Zajac (2009)Mechanical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringModular Robotics
Sarah Bates (2009)Mechanical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringParticle Robotics
Adrian Wong (2009)Mechanical Engineering, Electrical EngineeringModular Robotics, Particle Robotics
David Hjelle (2009)M.S. Mechanical EngineeringMachine Metabolism
Kyung-Joong Kim (2009)Computer Science Evolutionary Computation
Carlos Aguilar (2008)Mechanical EngineeringEvolutionary Robotic Painting
Viktor Zykov (2008)Ph. D. Mechanical EngineeringSelf-Sustainable Robotics
Evan Malone (2008)Ph.D. Mechanical EngineeringFunctional Solid Freeform Fabrication
Nicolas Lassabe (2008) Postdoc, Computer Science Evolutionary Computation
Daniel Lobo (2008)Computer ScienceEvolutionary Redesign
John Rieffel (2007) Computer Science Evolutionary Fabrication
David Kriesel (2007)Computer Science / NeurocomputationEvolution of swarm dynamics
Sanjeev Kumar (2007)Computer ScienceComputational Development
Nicolas Estevez (2006)M.Sc. Mechanical EngineeringDynamical Representations
Josh Bongard (2006)Postdoc, Computer ScienceCo-evolution, System ID
Mark Masry (2006)Postdoc, Electrical Engineering3D Sketching / Machine Vision
William Regan (2005)PhysicsEvolutionary Ornithopters
Greg Studer (2005)Computer ScienceArtificial Life
Chandana Paul (2005)Postdoc, Computer ScienceArtificial Intelligence and Robotics
Dmitry Berenson (2005)Electrical EngineeringEvolutionary Hardware
Bryant Adams (2004)Ph.D., MathSelf Replication
Paul White (2004)Master, Mechanical EngineeringStochastic Cellular Robotics
Dong Joong Kang (2004)Postdoc, Computer Science3D Sketching
Efstathios Mytilinaios (2004)Master, Computer ScienceSelf Replication
Irfan Susilo (2003)Master, Computer Science3D Sketching
Yen Chen Yeo (2003)BSc, Mechanical EngineeringPrintable Batteries
Kian Rasa (2003)Master, Mechanical EngineeringPrintable Batteries
Danica Wyatt (2002)PhD, PhysicsEvolutionary Dynamics