These projects are designed to allow the broader public community to experience and experiment with some of the technologies we are developing in the lab.

Soft Robots: Build your own air-powered soft robots with 3D printed molds

VoxCAD: 3D voxel design and physical analysis tool

Repeats: Find repeated sub-strings in text

Eureqa: Search your data for hidden mathematical relationships

Acrogen: Generate acronyms using a list of keywords

Fab@Home: How to make your own 3D printer

AMF File Format: Robust interchange format between CAD and additive manufacturing machines

Kinematics: Museum of 19th century kinematics with downloadable functional replicas and simulations

Golem@Home: Let robots evolve on your computer as a screensaver.

Golem Movie: Our short (6 minute) video about evolutionary robotics (Special mention in the International Video Competition Vida 3)

Kinematics Sketcher: Play with our kinematics simulator

Popular Media:  Popular Press, Radio, Television and Internet coverage of our work