Evolutionary Robotics and Computation

Evolutionary Robotics

  Evolved Electrophysiological Soft Robots: Low-level embodied congition in virtual creatures
  Unshackling Evolution: Evolving Soft Robots with Multiple Materials and a Powerful Generative Encoding
  Emergent Self Models: Adaptation in embedded robotics
  Evolutionary Ornithopters: Flapping, flying robots
  Nonaped: Dynamic pneumatic robot
  The Golem Project: Physical artificial life

  Machine Metabolism: Implementing properties of biological metabolism in a robotic ecology.

  Evolving Quadruped Robot Gaits in Hardware: the HyperNEAT Generative Encoding Vs. Parameter Optimization.

Evolutionary Computation

  Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data

  Reverse Engineering Dynamical Systems: Symbolic regression of complex systems
  EndlessForms.com: Design objects automatically in your browser using evolution and 3D print them.