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  Curriculum Mining: Web-scale Textbook
  Evolved Electrophysiological Soft Robots: Low-level embodied congition in virtual creatures

  Unshackling Evolution: Evolving Soft Robots with Multiple Materials and a Powerful Generative Encoding, a site where you can evolve your own 3D shapes

  AI vs. AI: Two chatbots talking to each other, a research video that went viral in August 2011.

  Evolving Quadruped Robot Gaits in Hardware: the HyperNEAT Generative Encoding Vs. Parameter Optimization.
 Universal jamming gripper
  Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data
 Open source universal testing machines

  Reverse Engineering Dynamical Systems: Symbolic regression of complex systems
  Emergent Self-models: Adaptation in embedded robotics
  Nonaped: Dynamic pneumatic robot
Ornithopter Ornithopters: 3D printed ornithopters, evolutionary ornithopters, untethered flapping hovering flight
  The Golem Project: Physical artificial life
  Flapping Piezo-Leaf Generator: A novel device for wind energy harvesting

  Machine Metabolism: Implementing properties of biological metabolism in a robotic ecology.
  Dynamically Programmable Fluidic Assembly: Programmable assembly of microscale components on a microfluidic chip
  Stochastic Modular Assembly: A fluidic approach to programmable matter
  Rapid Assembly of Physical Voxels (Digital materials): Top-down approach to assembling reconfigurable discrete matter
  Jamming Granular Materials: Exploiting the jamming phenomenon for programmable matter
  Molecubes: An open-source modular robotic system
  Self replication: Investigation of physical self-replication phenomena
  Stochastic modular robotics: Self-organizing stochastic robotics
  Soft Modular Robot: investigating an amorphous modular robot
  Tensegrity Robots: Lightweight, deployable machines
  IcoTens: 20-sided tensegrity robot
  Fabbers: Multi-material 3D printing for automated fabrication of integrated, functional parts
  Fab @ Home: Democratizing 3D printing at the home
 Printing Food 3D Printing Food: The future of Culinary Arts
  Tissue Engineering: A technology for directly fabricating 3D living tissue
 3D Printing of Cuneiform Tablets 3D Printing of Cuneiform Tablets
  Freeform Mechanical Design: Autonomous design of freeform multi-material functional objects to meet high level goals
  Robust Circuits: Synthesizing resilient and tamper-evident analog circuits.
  Kinematic Mechanisms
  3D sketching: Reconstruction of a 3D object form a single freehand sketch